past tense, past participle; see swot

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  • swotted — swÉ‘t /swÉ’t n. (British slang) diligent student; hard worker v. (British slang) work hard; study diligently …   English contemporary dictionary

  • swot up — verb study intensively, as before an exam I had to bone up on my Latin verbs before the final exam • Syn: ↑cram, ↑grind away, ↑drum, ↑bone up, ↑swot, ↑get up, ↑mug up, ↑bone …   Useful english dictionary

  • swot up — phrasal verb [intransitive/transitive] Word forms swot up : present tense I/you/we/they swot up he/she/it swots up present participle swotting up past tense swotted up past participle swotted up British informal to study something very hard,… …   English dictionary

  • swot — swot1 swotter, n. /swot/, v.t. swotted, swotting, n. swat1. swot2 /swot/, v., swotted, swotting, n. Brit. Slang. v.i. 1. to study or work hard. n. 2. a student who studies assiduously, esp. to the exclusion of other activities or interests; gri …   Universalium

  • swot — [[t]swɒ̱t[/t]] swots, swotting, swotted 1) VERB If you swot, you study very hard, especially when you are preparing for an examination. [BRIT, INFORMAL] [V for n] They swotted for their A levels. [Also V] PHRASAL VERB Swot up means the same as… …   English dictionary

  • swot — I UK [swɒt] / US [swɑt] verb [intransitive] Word forms swot : present tense I/you/we/they swot he/she/it swots present participle swotting past tense swotted past participle swotted British informal to study very hard, especially for an… …   English dictionary

  • swot — I. /swɒt / (say swot) verb (t) (swotted, swotting) 1. US → swat1 (def. 1). –noun 2. → swat1 (def. 2). II. /swɒt / (say swot) Colloquial – …  

  • swot — swot1 [swät] vi., n. swotted, swotting alt. sp. of SWAT swot2 [swät] [Brit. Informal] Brit. Informal vi., vt. swotted, swotting [dial. var. of SWEAT] to study hard; cram: often used with up …   English World dictionary

  • swot — I. noun Etymology: English dialect, sweat, from Middle English swot, from Old English swāt more at sweat Date: 1850 British grind 2b II. intransitive verb (swotted; swotting) Date: circa 1860 British …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • Sean Biggerstaff — Infobox actor name=Sean Biggerstaff caption= Sean Biggerstaff as Ben in Cashback birthname=Sean Biggerstaff birthdate=birth date and age |1983|3|15 birthplace= Glasgow, Scotland deathdate = deathplace = othername= occupation=Actor… …   Wikipedia

  • swot — swot1 [swɔt US swa:t] n BrE informal someone who spends too much time studying and seems to have no other interests used in order to show disapproval >swotty adj swot 2 swot2 past tense and past participle swotted present participle swotting v …   Dictionary of contemporary English

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